Many scholars, linguists in particular, devoted their works to the research of biblical texts. The texts of the Bible always remain a big mystery to human kind, as their credibility is rather problematic, which means that it is impossible to prove or refute the events depicted in these texts. There are many approaches and methods of studying the Bible. The results of numerous theological studies reveal a lot of new facts from Jesus' life. Considering the fact that theology is based on the probability and assumptions, any hypothesis in this sphere has the right to existence.

In the last decades, many feminists paid much attention to the interpretation of biblical texts. From feminists' perspective, the language of biblical texts is androcentric, and there are plenty of evidences in support of their view. One of such evidences has become the work In Memory of Her written by Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza. It should be mentioned that Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, by means of her work, has drawn a wide response in scientific world. She assumes that the way how all events are reflected in the Bible imposes the bias towards women. The narrative in biblical texts, as a rule, goes from masculine perspective and it diminishes the role of women in the overall flaw of events (Fiorenza, 43). Mentioning women in the Bible, the authors always consider their achievements as minor supplements to men's actions. Therefore, they try to hide women's contribution to the development of the early church. In her book In Memory of Her, Elisabeth Fiorenza gives a lot of examples, in which women demonstrated great leadership skills and even initiated significant historical processes. However, all their efforts were underestimated, their contributions were ascribed to men, and even their names were forgotten. Therefore, Elisabeth Fiorenza insists on new hermeneutics of biblical texts in order to prevent the spread of the views which diminish status of women at that time (Fiorenza, 50).

All in all, Fiorenza, with her claims, demands more objectivity to the issue of women's role in biblical stories. She struggles against the belief of feminine insignificance in the early church. Thus, the question of androcentrism, raised in the book In Memory of Her,turns into more valid issue the problem of wrong interpretation of women's role in the early church.

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