Pointers for Academic and Creative Writing Essay Improvement

Everyone has a personal writing style that is relatively discernible by instructors and professors. As you progress through your educational career, moreover, it is important that you work to improve that style so that it meets the basic standards of academic soundness. Moreover, the further you go in schooling, the more demanding will be the expectations for a quality academic style. As you work to improve your academic writing essay skills, it is hoped that this guide will provide you on how to write essay works that result in great grades.

Writing with style includes several key elements. Whether you are engaged in producing a basic essay, a term paper, a literature review, a creative writing essay,or major undergraduate and graduate works, you will want to look closely at the following components of style.

  • Personal Pronoun Use: Unless you are engaged in narrative or creative writing essay genres, the use of personal pronouns has very little place in formal academic writing. One of the biggest mistakes students make is to use the impersonal or the very personal in their writing. Instead of using. You might think I might think it is far more academically sound to write. One might think
  • Length of Sentences: When you first began to learn how to write essay assignments, you were probably told that fragments and run-ons were unacceptable. Just as unacceptable, however, is using a single sentence length throughout your work. Simple sentences are generally used to make a strong point. Varying other sentence structures, specifically complex and compound, makes your writing more interesting and fluid. Review any writing you have done for a variety of sentence length.
  • Diction: Academic writing essay improvement involves choosing the right words for what you want to say. Vocabulary growth should be a continuing process as students move forward in their educations. More complex word use comes with time. To artificially your vocabulary by using words the meaning of which you do not know can result in poor writing.
  • Sexist Pronouns: This is an ever-evolving area of writing, and the verdict is still out on much of this argument henever possible, however, try to avoid words that are gender-specific, such as "Chairman", etc. To solve this issue in your writing, consider whether a gender-neutral option is available, such as "Chairperson". If not, then you are better off putting your writing into a plural context, using they or their instead of his or her. If you must remain in the singular voice, always use he or she, his or her, etc. The obvious exception to this would be narrative or creative writing essay activities and, of course, any academic writing that refers to a specific individual. Be very careful, as well, with pronoun / antecedent agreement. If you write "Everyone should bring their books you are wrong. Everyone should bring his/her books keeps everything singular!
  • Formal Style: Academic writing essay style should be formal and free of informal jargon, tired colloquialisms, and slang. Avoiding personal pronouns, using proper diction, and varying sentence lengths, along with providing good transitions, etc. all result in academically-sound writing. Obvious exceptions are writing that is assigned for a specific informal audience, narrations, and humorous or creative writing essay assignments.
  • Dangers of Emotionalism: When posing arguments or points of view, it is essential to avoid emotionalism, for it degrades your argument and is not reflective of formal English composition. You may feel very strongly about political, religious and/or societal issues, but you must remain at peace as you press your arguments. Save the emotion for speeches, debates, and such! Remain calm and give scholarly arguments.

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