When you are charged with writing essay assignments, you have to have a process for completing them. While the topics and purposes might vary (persuasive, narrative, comparison / contrast, personal experience, character sketch, etc.), the process and the structure will be the same. In order to help you produce the best essay writing possible, we have prepared a bit of a guide for you. We hope you will find this information helpful as you organize yourself for writing.

Essay Writing Guide

  • The Topic

    Whether you have been assigned a specific topic or you have options, you will need to do some brainstorming. How much do you know about this topic? Write down what you know or the points you want to cover. If you do not have enough information to produce a good 5-paragraph essay, then do a bit of research!

  • The Thesis

    Every essay has a main point this is your thesis, and you should spend some time developing a single sentence that expresses your main point and begins the process of writing the best essay you can write.

  • Prepare an Outline

    Forget the introduction and the paragraph for a moment. Focus on a minimum of three paragraphs, each with one main point of your thesis.

  • Write the Rough and Final Drafts

    Once you have constructed your three body paragraphs, tackle your introduction and conclusion. The introduction introduces your thesis. The conclusion sums up what you have said.


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