There was a need for reforms in US; therefore, national academy of science proposes ideas and recommendations for reforms to be reached. Its reports were approved by the government board of the national research council (member of the council were drawn from national academy of sciences, the institute of medicine and the national academy of engineering) in this paper, I will pick some measures which the members took seen that it will foresee the needs for reform in US. Here are the recommendations for the improvement and the various methods to improve the org.

NIFS after some of the recommendations made;

    • (recommendation 1) a standard such ISO 17025 and in consideration with advisers. This stated that terminologies should be established which were to be used in reporting on and testing of results of investigations. Similarly, it should establish model lab reports for different disciplines and specify the minimum information that should include minimum information.
    • In addition, a recommendation (recommendation 2) to discourse issues of accuracy, reliability and rationality in the science discipline was introduced. The NIFS should fund peer-reviewed research in the following; studies demonstrations, development and establishment of quantifiable measures of reliability and accuracy. Development of quantifiable measures of uncertainty in the conclusion and auto termed techniques capable of enhancing technologies.
    • However, there was a need to improve the scientific bases of forensic science exams and maximize independence from autonomy within the law enforcement (recommendation 3). In addition, to reach the reforms NIFS should encourage research programs on human observer bias and sources of human errors in exams; this could include programs to determine the effects of contextual bias in forensic practice.
    • However, there was (recommendation 4); this was to make sure that all the patients get appropriate skill for example, they were to be trained and the training had to be a standardized one. This could be solve making sure that training administered to the trainees are of required standards.
    • Nevertheless, (recommendation 5) they recommended to improve the working conditions of the organizations. This meant that more facilities could be implementing to assist in the training. When the above requirements are done; the org is likely to improve.

However, it advocates for use of all technological procedures used by scientific skills in the laboratory which is typically validate to ensure criminals cases are investigated, and justices are reached. This involves the standard procedure practices such as that of testing of DNA that may have been found in the crime scene. In addition, it does provide principles for establishing policies and procedures; for instance, one will be trained to look at the footsteps and blood marks to predict the moves of the criminal. A given pattern can be establish upon which conclusion can be mad e. another example is that of ISO/IEC 17025, it outlines all the technological science lab should be fully authenticated before they are brought into use; this implies that it looks at the procedure and sees that there in need for depending on the procedure to ensure that it having a positive outcome.

There are some interested personnel who may feel to join NAS; this may be a good option for them as much as they are prepared. This means that they should accept the challenges such that of not paying the students. On the other hand, it doesn't mean that he or she might have guarantee of getting a job in crime labs. Therefore, as much as one is prepared for these; he can join the org.

However, the use DNA testing as one of their measures in crime labs; it is also necessary to note that a case study is to be interpreted well and a correct reporting of the results in drawn from it. This means that he or she must follow the procedures set by NAS. This will include some terminologies and the procedure to reach a conclusion; the terminologies may not understand by a normal citizen but can be understood by a fellow workmate. This implies that at the last levels, it does not have to hold the laid procedure to be used, instead some can be omitted to make ease in conclusion depending of the situation.

Nevertheless, there in for reform for make sure that some factors do not drag this org from developing. First and foremost, there is the problem of inconsistent and insufficient finding; this has been a problem tell recently, there are no nationally recognized mandated standards existing for forensic science step programs at any level. Secondly, if the problem of payments; as discussed earlier, this is a nonprofit org but by the end of the day the members involved do need payments; this implies for better performance of this org, one need to establish some payment scheme for the participants in the labs. Thirdly, is the problem of establishing a quality of these programs; it is all known that for anything to work perfect it involves finance. This implies that every student in the academy should learn to do his own experiment. This will involve the use of extra materials. Hence, increasing the cost for experiment thus lowering the quality since most are done in groups. Fourth, is the problem caused by the employer of the students; it is predictable that at the end of course, one should be employed in crime labs, when this is not done, he or she loses experience hence brings about the poor quality in the course. Therefore, at the end of course, one should get employment in crime labs. Finally, a student should be given time; this implies that the student should be given conducive time to get to learn well. When these measures are not taken; we might have a problem in the near future.

In conclusion, the measure that can be implemented include funding the org and the trainees so that they may cater for their other needs, movement to convert coroner system to medical examiners system (this is the improvements in the systems of examination to ensure it is standard), utilization of best practices (making use of resources appropriately; enrolling few numbers of trainees to ensure they utilize resources well ), potential scientific advancements that may assist students (getting professionals to assist the students: this will improve the quality of the student performance), and solving the problem of shortage of medical examiners and forensics pathologists (this includes giving the doctors authority to skip some procedure when they is a need like emergency).

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