Marriage is defined as an act or (law) of the state as being a matrimonial couple voluntarily joined for a lifetime (or until the divorce). This is usually done when two parties reach an agreement under law, and they decide to live together. In some special cases, the parties may disagree and separate. It is termed as a divorce. In many nations across the globe; we do have the marriage to the opposite sex (this is a male and a female getting married with each other). However, such term as a same sex marriage (in many cases it involves the male getting married to a fellow male or vice versa). In this paper, the same sex marriage is going to be discussed with putting a more emphasis on the realistic nature of marriage and less on religion (A strong belief in the supernatural power or powers that control human destiny) (Smith, 2005).

In U.S.A, there has been a long debate over the matters of the same sex marriage, i.e. public debates in order to define this form of marriage and whether the marriage should be recognized. For the previous years before these debates, the only marriage that was recognized was that to the opposite sex. That is a male could be married to a female. This was either done in the church or through some basic social settings. This was then shadowed by a legislation document to prove that such marriage is valid.

The opposite marriage was prone to fights and, to some extent, one of the victims could move beyond the ties. Therefore, there was a need to amend the legislation of marriages. Marriage certificates were issued to parties, but now the parties gave themselves some short terms of relationship as called contracts. They signed the contracts indicating the number of years they could live together. When the specified period ended, they could either renew the contract of decline or move to another relationship. This contributed to prostitution in the social setting. This implies that many families could break as a result of this. On the other hand, the studies have revealed that these marriages being for a short period of time led to an increase in prostitution. This was because the victims could move from one marriage this year, and in the next five years they could move to another one. In this way, the chance of contracting some sexual transmitted diseases was high (Smith, 2005).

An alternative way of escaping this was to involve into the same sex marriage. The victims in this benevolent of marriage believed that they could understand themselves the best. The male believed to understand them better than a woman could do. Since then, there have been some debates on whether to legalize this sympathetic marriage or not. The Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was introduced being only agreed to the union of a male and a woman as a husband and a wife. This made the victims of the same sex marriage feel that they have been isolated. Then, late it was legalized. Many nations across the globe could not accept this though this was accepted in twenty nine states. This is to say that they have amended the marriage acts in their Constitution. Twenty six of these states have a statutory provision of adopting this language in their Constitution. Further, eight states have adopted the restrictive language in regard to this marriage. These counts could include some states such as California, where the federal courts tried to invalidate this by the year 2008. California federal courts initiated that the definition of marriage could be amended in their Constitution. Therefore, these nations that agree to the same sex marriage have defined a marriage as a union where two males, two women or a male and a women could be joined together to live as a couple (Smith, 2005).

However, nine states and the district of Colombia currently have allowed the same sex marriage. In Connecticut, Massachusetts and Iowa that definition of the same sex marriage is ruling. This implies that they only accept the marriage to the opposite sex. In Vermont and New Hampshire districts, in and New York, their legislation has agreed to use a statutory change in the act of marriage. This implies that they do some practices for the same sex marriages (Smith, 2005).

In 2012, Maryland and Washington passed the law to allow the same sex marriage. This implies that they would easily marry and obtain the official document for the government indicating that their marriage is valid and legal. Nevertheless, when the same sex marriage takes its place, one of the victims will have to play the role of a female, and the other one could play the role of a male. In this way, they have to agree on this. However, this is not indicated in the marriage certificate. They cannot produce an offspring (The immediate descendants of a person do an act of performing sex). To cater for this, they do adopt children for poor people in the society. However, it is quite hard for them to get children adopted since their parents believe that their children could accept this way of life as non-ethical (Smith, 2005).

In some exceptional cases, they adopt a child and raise this child. . Fellow children but from the opposite sex marriages will tend to isolate this child from their social setting, i.e. in a play. In this way, the child will have the challenges in life that he or she has not caused by himself. Many of adopters take the adopted children to boarding school far from his or her neighborhoods. They only come back during the holidays. In this way, a child will hide his or her family backgrounds (Smith, 2005).

In conjunction to same sex marriage, the studies show that the rate of spreading AIDs and other sexually transmitted diseases. In this way, one can say that this is the only positive part of the same sex marriage. Nevertheless, same sex marriages have some challenges to. The parties sometimes may conflict, but this is solved. Nevertheless, the fact they can break their marriage or divorce. This is only possibly when they do it in law courts (Koppelman, 2006).

Leaders from across the globe have opposed this benevolent of marriages due to its false view (including Obama's administration at the very beginning of January 2009. However, in 2012, it was announced that he had accepted it). This marriage is not able to bring up an offspring. The most common question that rings in one's mind is that if this continues, and then we will not have the sufficient amount of birth rates. Therefore, a nation may have a problem with the population trends. This biologically implies that at one time the generation may be of few males or females due the fact that people do not give the birth the same way they have used to do this. Here is a map showing the nations that practice same sex marriages, and those that do not (Smith, 2005).

In life, it is proved that people being rich (or financially stable) enjoy having a family. This implies that they need to have a child of their own. To put more emphasis on this, children from the opposite sex marriage tend to be psychologically rich with the fact that they get the parental love and affection that they may need from their parents. In this way, these children are prepared to handle some family related issues in their own grown life. Closely related to this, they learn to deal with many people. A child will learn to live with his family members, and this makes him or her morally upright (Gozemba Kahn, 2007).

Nevertheless, there is no much contrary evidence that children from the opposite sex marriages have some psychological health problem. This is evidenced by the LGBT parenting measures. To some extent, there has been even a demonstration over the same matter. For example, a married coupd of lesbians which protested in San Francisco was an example. They believed and claimed that they should be treated as the same sex married couples are being treated. This was possible since there was an act which passed and could defend them (Koppelman, 2006).

The technology and scientific exploration worked to ensure that the same sex marriage could come with having the offspring. This was done through surrogacy and fertility treatments. A gay or a bisexual man had an option of surrogacy. This was the process that involved the use of his sperm to do the artificial insemination to a woman being sexually productive and who could give the birth to a child without getting involved in a sexual intercourse. Alternatively, a sperm cell could be used to fertilize an ovum in an incubator. Once fertilized, the fetus could grow to a baby with some time and exceptional care attribute to it (Gozemba Kahn, 2007).

In conclusion, same sex marriages have been adopted by some nations across the globe despite having some social and psychological health problems. Solutions to these problems are tried to be reached though being a complicated case. Hence, today many nations still stick to civil marriages. Nevertheless, there has been a demand for the legalization of the same sex marriages in some nations as discussed earlier. Therefore, some nations have amended their Constitution to cater for the demand. This news of the same sex marriage has not been received well by many including some religious leaders.

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