The encoding as well as decoding of information to be transferred is paramount since they have to encounter the effect of the noise channel. Thus, this is to assess the how well an individual capability in composing the message well and the readers need to be able to read. Thus, the writers need to overcome the interference, in the media. Tentatively, the writer may need to compose the messages well as well as the readers need to read well, since the need to overcome the inherent noise in the system. As such, noise in the model implies anything resulting from negligent printing of the text to strategic in interference of the radio waves.

On the other hand, the model is too mechanical since it implies to ignore the reason individual compose messages (Hawkes, 1977). Thus, the message is not the only reason for communication at times communication designed for purposes of build, as well as, maintains social relations. The gesture meant to maintain a good social relationship with the client, even after an alteration in the management. In instances; like this, model has limited importance.

Communication needs in the future will be more compels as well as ubiquitous. As such, individual communicate practically every moment in human's livelihood, either passively or actively. Nonetheless, a model is only a snapshot of the phenomenon, not the complete picture.

A sign may be employed to represent anything that ranges from images, experiences, objects, feelings, concept and any other thing. As such, words are signs, unlike the painted metal plates on pillars by the roadside (Hawkes, 1977). Tentatively, the things referred to need to be present when employing the signs. For instance, individuals may use names to talk about people, but they need to be represent when talking about them. As a result, signs functions in a context which, in turn play a fundamental part in assisting individuals understand the signs. (Hawkes, 1977) .Pedestrians, as well as travelers, understands road signs since they are present by the roadsides. Surprisingly, it will be confusing to find a NO PARKING sign instead of a flag while practicing or participating in mountain climbing.

Symbols have multifaceted connotation, in addition to the literal ones. Certainly, the literal meaning of the symbol may make little or no sense, so multifaceted meaning is precedence. Arguably, the more significant or essential the symbols, the more meaning it embodies. On the other hand, the meaning may contradict each other.

A metaphor, on the other hand, is a phrase or statement word that stands in implying something else. As such, the world of business has plenty of these words employed in everyday communication. For instance, a person receives a letter of complaint dubbed the last batch of Kicap sent did not meet the usual standard. Tentatively, the phrase can imply something implying the last delivery made was tasteless and the buyer will engage in dealing with other sellers

The issue with metaphor is that they can at times be usable, and if an individual does not keep up with the change, the individual may misunderstand the intended message. Nonetheless, before deciding in using a symbol or metaphor, be sure the individual knows the exact, meaning as well as the use of the metaphor. Additionally, the meaning of the symbols and metaphors can result to drastically divergent reaction in people. Moreover, the meaning of the symbols may be wide. Importantly, there exists the possibility that other individual may comprehend the symbol's differently from other people.

Conclusively, the need to use proficient communication medium is paramount. Communication is not only essential in passing message but also assists in the development of social relations. The use of signs, metaphors and symbols, are essential in the world of communication.

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