A lot of different laws and requirements regulate the relations between an employer and an employee during the hiring process. Even when an employee is not hired yet, he or she has all legal rights and should be protected by law. The basics of labor legislation aimed at the protection of employee's rights are: anti-discrimination law and the law of implied contract.

According to the anti-discrimination law, employers cannot have any prejudices towards employees because of their sex, age, race, religious views, party affiliation, sexual orientation, citizenship and marital status etc. With regard to implied contract law, an employer is legally responsible for any false prospects promised by him to an employee. In this case, he violates an implied contract and has to recover employee's losses caused by relying on these prospects (Legal Rights during the Hiring Process, 2013).

Another important aspect in the employment process is workforce diversity. Nowadays, more and more companies benefit from hiring people who somehow differ from others. The distinguishing features include not only race, gender, sex, and social status, but also experience, qualification and even personal characteristics. Therefore, employees with different qualities and from different social backgrounds always bring a lot of advantages to the company. Furthermore, workforce diversity contributes to the overall development of the company and increases its competitiveness.

There are no doubts, that employers as well as employees are interested in the effectiveness of employment. Therefore, both sides cannot do without job description. For example, an employer with the help of good job description can easily reduce the number of potential job seekers. An employee, for his/her part, can clearly observe concrete requirements for the position and estimate his/her own abilities (Auld, 2011). In such a way, job description simplifies the process of hiring and assists the companies in finding the right candidates. All in all, considering different requirements and practices used in employment process, it is advisable for employees and for employers, as well, to be aware of all nuances of this process, in order to succeed in it.

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