Despite the changes in the forms of art from painting to film or television, for example, we still look to the artists images of our world, both visual and musical, to help us respond to the pressure of our lives. This essay presents two examples of the ways popular culture today reflects worldviews.

Popular culture influences people only when the message it relays resonates within the hearts and mind of those living in that culture. Only when it helps to relieve the pressure of our lives it becomes well accepted. Popular culture, in fact, reflects the thinking and aspirations of people. They are best expressed through movies, music and television shows.

One of the movies that can be a good example of the above statement is named Soul Surfer. It is based on a true story of a 13-year-old surfer Bethany Hamilton. She was a champion surfer born to win. One night when being out surfing, Bethany was attacked by a tiger shark. After the attack, the girl survived but her left arm was lost arm. The film relays the story of her recovery and struggle to come back to everyday life. Christian faith, incredible support from parents, and encouragement from friends helped Bethany not only overcome challenges of her new life but also continue her surfing career (Soul Surfer, 2011).

An American show Grey's Anatomy has gained great popularity, being an example of series reflecting the lives of surgeons working at the fictional SeattleGraceHospital. It was premiered on ABC in 2005 and has been successful for nine seasons. The show centers around Meredith Grey and fictional interns and residents who develop into seasoned doctors while meeting challenges of everyday life (Grey's Anatomy).

The above examples were chosen because they provide some very overt cases of modern popular culture. Soul Surfer is a practical example of a person who overcame her personal tragedy and disability and returned to normal life. The more this example is significant that it is based on real events. That perfectly reflects the worldview of the American society, the stand that people take against the disability mentality, and support and encouragement that come from those around when someone faces a serious challenge.

At the same time, the second example is an open display of life and challenges that average people face every day in their career. It is appealing to viewers to see similar circumstances that the main characters go through and, possibly, learn from them or at least identify with them.

This way, these two examples show how popular culture reflects our worldview.

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