How to Write an Argument Essay

Before we take a look at how to write an argumentative essay let us first answer the question what is an argumentative essay? An argumentative essay supposes a thorough investigation of the certain issue, choosing a specific standpoint in regards to the issue as well as the gathering a considerable amount of strong evidence to support the selected standpoint. The well-written argumentative research paper should be able to persuade its readers that the standpoint chosen by the author is true and requires no further clarifications.

When we say that argumentative essay should persuade, the confusion between the persuasive and argumentative essay may naturally arise. The difference is the following: writing an argumentative essay has a different way to get its main idea across. A persuasive essay is heavily dependent on emotion and passion and is usually one-sided, while argumentative essay tries to convince its readers through the usage of logic, evidence, and solid structure.

Writing an argument paper outline plays an important role in writing an essay. Argumentative essay outline is a plan that you create for writing your essay and once you have a plan, writing becomes much easier. Now let's look at how to write an argumentative essay.

Argumentative Essay Structure

  1. The Introduction

    Let us first look on how to write an introduction for an argumentative essay. Just like in all other types of essay, introductory paragraph should capture the attention of your readers making them want to read your essay till the end. The introduction consists of the hook, background data, and an argumentative thesis:

    • The Hook. It's a sentence that should engage your readers. The hook should set high expectations about your work from the onset. For instance, if you're writing an essay about why people in the United States should start eating insects your hook can be: "Those who want to improve their diet should abstain from beef, chicken, and fish and include more insects in their diet." Excellent hook answers the question "how to start an argumentative essay?"

    • Background data. Next, you should give background data about your topic, which should include enough information for the reader to understand your position. Background information section of the introductory part should answer the questions like what is the issue, why it is important and why readers should care about it.

    • Thesis statement. The argumentative thesis is a powerful statement of your position and the reason why you have taken this position. If we take the example with insects, the explanation can be "insect diet can solve the problems with obesity, starvation and climate change which makes it a very timely issue to rise in American society.

  2. Developing an argument

    When you have made your statement it is necessary to back it up with strong and convincing evidence. It can be logical arguments, scientific data, opinions of experts from the field that you're describing, examples or any other type of information that can support your argument. The quantity of evidence that you need to provide depends on the overall length of your essay, but usually, it is necessary to add several pieces of evidence for each argument. The more evidence from reliable sources you will use, the more your work will look like a solid research rather than a mixture of abstract ideas.

  3. Refuting the claims/arguments of opponents

    Readers will start believing you if you address the views of your opponents and will masterfully refute them. An argumentative essay that is well written anticipates and addresses opposing views in a way that makes the reader trust author's position without any doubts. You should provide your opponents point of view and then confidently refute it with counterarguments. You can even go further and foresee what your opponent can answer to your counterarguments and address that. This strategy will make your position even stronger.

  4. The conclusion

    This section provides the final thoughts of an argumentative essay and leaves an immediate impression on the reader. You should restate in the most profound and powerful way, why the issue that you have raised is important, review the main points and link them with the argumentative thesis. Show the readers how the world would look like if people followed your position and recommendations. If this picture is visionary and appealing you will leave your readers with the feeling that your argument is valid and worth following.

How to Choose a Good Topic

Argumentative essay is one of the most popular writing assignments. The reason of such popularity is that they can be written almost about everything. One of the main challenges of writing a good argumentative essay is choosing a topic that is original and unique. Such topics as gun control, the death penalty, and abortion are overused and we advise you to avoid them. If you want to choose a topic that will make not only your readers but also your instructor interested you should consider one of the following ideas.

Consider the following tips on how to choose a good topic

Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Drinking and Driving. Is it Still a Problem for Teenagers?

  2. Do Apps Waste Your Time or Help You?

  3. When Do Teenagers Become Adults?

  4. The Influence of High Physical Appearance Standards on Girl's Psychology

  5. Do Girls Have More Intense Friendships Than Boys?

When you are finished with your essay make sure that it is written in argumentative essay format required by your department. If you do everything in accordance with the rules and write an essay on a topic that you're sincerely interested in, chances of getting a good grade will be high.